My Favourite Things

I wanted to write a post about my favourite things, but thought that I would shake it up a little bit. So here are my favourite things, from A – Z – I had to get a bit creative with a few of my answers, it is surprisingly hard to think of things beginning with some of the letters!

A – Autumn

B – Books

C – Chocolate Fudge Cake

D – Dogs

E – Exeter

F – Family

G – Google – the fountain of all knowledge

H – History

I – Instagram – my favourite of all the social media platforms

J – Jeans

K – Knee-High Boots

L – Louis Theroux – I love all of his documentaries

M – Mascara – if I could keep only one item from my makeup bag it would definitely be my mascara

N – New Look

O – Oil burners

P – Purple

Q – Quizzes

R – Reading

S – Scotland

T – Travelling

U – Muffins – chocolate and breakfast muffins 😀

V – Nail Varnish

W – Winnie The Pooh

X – Dexter – I really love this tv show, I was completely hooked when I started watching it

Y – Stripy – tops

Z – Pizza

What are your favourite things? I would love to read your lists 🙂


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