First half marathon

I have recently signed up to do my first half marathon. I have done 5k and 10k runs before but never taken the plunge to do a half, even though I have thought about doing one for a long time! 

The decision to sign up for this year’s Great West Run came about because a friend was thinking about doing it herself to raise money for a local charity that had really helped her out over the past year. She asked if I would be interested in running it with her to raise money. She has since got 3 more people on board, so now we are a team of five raising money for Force Cancer Charity

I have looked up loads of different training plans so that when the time comes to start training I will know what to do. But I have already started to run regularly to get myself as fit as I can for the big day. 

So far I have done two runs, a 6 mile and a 5 mile. I’m really happy with them as I managed to do both running continuously, something which I have really struggled with before. I normally get a stitch and then have a rest for a while! But I think that now I have a half marathon to run, I am pushing myself more and not giving in as easily. 

I am looking forward to seeing my fitness levels increase over the coming months, and really getting stuck into my training. It is really nice to run down by Exeter Quay during the early evening after work. I saw some lambs with their mother this evening as I was running, and got a thumbs up from a lady who I passed – I must have looked like needed a push! 


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