365 days

Thinking back over the past year and a lot has changed. 

This time last year I was desperately unhappy at university, eager to finish my exams so that I could finish the year and leave. It was a tough time as I had always wanted to go to university and found it hard to give up the idea of being a graduate. 

But leaving uni was the best decision for me. I haven’t looked back since, not once regretting my decision. Seeing all of my classmates handing in their dissertations and preparing for graduation fills me with happiness for them and excited for what they will go on to do in their lives. 

I have now be working full time in my marketing role for almost 12 months. And a lot has also changed there; we have got two new staff members and have moved into a new larger office. We have a lovely view of Exeter Cathedral from the new office as well as our own little kitchen so we don’t have to go up and down the stairs whenever we want a cuppa! 

It has also been 11 months since I officially moved in with my other half. Having our own place has been great, right next to Exeter Quay and walking distance into town. We have everything right on our doorstep. It is really nice to go for a walk along the river in the evenings after work, or a bike ride in the summer months down to Dawlish. 

It is also almost a year since we got Sprout, our hamster. She’s currently running around in her ball, exploring the rooms and making lots of noise banging into things! She may only be small, but she has been a great edition and I’m so glad that we got her. 

I am really excited to see where we will be in another years time. Who knows what the next 12 months has in store? 


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